Frantic Freddie Returns


A remake of the classic Commodore 64 game


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Classic videogames don't go out of fashion. In this case, we have a remake of Frantic Freddie, a platform game launched in 1983 for the 8-bit Commodore 64, reminiscent of iconic games such as Lode Runner and Donkey Kong. Its main features are the same as the classic version: a frantic game where you have to pick up all the apples before you get caught, making your way through different settings connected by ladders brimming with enemies.

The game will put your strategic thinking and mental skills to the test, because not all ladders go up or down and not all enemies move in a logical way. To get a good amount of points, you'll have to be alert.

In the 20 different levels, it'll be essential to get as many points as you can in order to escape the enemies that try to surround you. You’ll have to run as far as you can and beat the level in less than 1000 moves. The higher score you get, the higher you'll be in the ranking.
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